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Modular Vault System

Prefabricated Concrete Modular Building System

This system is unlike any other on the market. Precast using high strength concrete, the vaulted ‘leaves’ exit the mould with a ‘class 1’ off-form finish which can be painted or left bare.

The vaults are capable of being completely or partially buried and incorporate a trafficable roof. Custom waterproofing membranes direct water to integrated downpipes from which rainwater can be collected for re-use.

‘Cross Vaults’ can be customised to suit your needs by our in-house architects. Installation by our Envirodome team or delivered as a D.I.Y. kit.

  • Completely prefabricated and assembled on-site
  • Modular system for any size area
  • Installation by Envirodome or D.I.Y.
  • Comfortable above or below ground
  • Resistant to fire, cyclones and vandals
  • Structurally independent
  • Integrated rainwater downpipes
  • Completely maintenance free
Envirodome Units

Innovative Modular Building Systems

Envirodome is a modular building systems specialist. Our modular vault system reintroduces a recognisable historical form.

Bolted together, buildings can be buried below ground, or stand above ground with an earth covered ‘Green Roof’. EnviroDome’s ‘Cross Vault’ components assemble into 5m x 5m grids and any number of grids can be connected together.

  • Wineries
  • Cellars
  • Community Refuges
  • Exhibition Spaces
  • Secure Storage
  • Collection Spaces
  • Basements
  • Underground Housing
Envirodome Living Area
Modular Vault System Modular Vault System