Winton Wetlands Winton Wetlands Winton Wetlands

Winton Wetlands, North Winton, Victoria

In November 2016, the Envirodome team installed toilet buildings at three separate locations within the wetlands.

Envirodomes design team worked closely throughout with Julie Flack ,Winton Wetlands Committee of Management. Following the team suggesting using aboriginal symbols on the buildings, Julie sought advice and approval from Aunt Merle, Yorta Yorta Aboriginal Corporation. Yorta Yorta are the original inhabitants and the legal custodians of the Wetlands.

The resultant buildings reference the original inhabitants, co-exist with nature and respect the sensitive environs.

A 1500L water tank, integrated into the building, is recharged as required from a water tanker. Water is for hand washing or drinking only and waste water from basins discharges into an absorption trench. Stainless steel “Stoddart” pans sit directly above 3200L in-ground tanks, one per pan. Ventilation stacks from each collection well are capped with Condor Kinetic exhaust cowls. Roof mounted flexible solar panels constantly charge batteries mounted in the services rooms.

The toilet buildings were install at the following sites in the Wetlands, Bill Friday, Greens Hill and Dame Wall camping area. All three were installed in one week by Envirodome’s assembly manager Larry Rohan and his team.

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