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Private Cellar / Fire Refuge

Each project commences with a visit to site. This allows us to meet the clients, assess their requirements, assess the site and to determine the suitability of our products. Our clients were great, receptive and very enthusiastic. The site chosen was excellent, accessible and totally suitable for the purpose.

Armed with the information gleamed from the site visit, Envirodomes design team prepared a concept and photo quality images, which were inserted into photos of the site. The client’s approval sparked the team into preparing construction documentation and a comprehensive works program.

The project consists of five Envirodome modules, all butted up to each other. The overall length is 12.8m, 5 modules x 2,5m wide and two precast walls, each 150mm thick. All joinery items were manufactured by Envirodome and installed in our Albury yard.

The works program scheduled installation to take seven hours on Friday 08.01.2016. Excavation and site preparation was expertly managed by the client’s own team. These tasks occurred while the modules were being cast and fitted out.



Installation Day

While the first module was in transit to the site, the crane operator was busy setting up.

  1. First module arrived on site as scheduled and was placed at the far end of the excavation.
  2. Next, two precast concrete walls arrived on site, craned into position and bolted to ferules cast into the edges of the barrel vault and floor. These walls completely enclosed the module, creating a fire refuge. Access to this space is via a door opening cast into the wall on the internal side.
  3. The second module was butted up to the concrete wall with the door opening.
    This module contained a fully laminated kitchenette and one crescent shaped wine rack.
  4. The third module was butted up to the second module. This module also contained a crescent shaped wine rack, but opposite side from the previous.
  5. The forth module butted up to the previous, it was bare, containing no joinery.
  6. The fifth and final module arrived on site as scheduled.
    It contained the shaped timber entry door/window frame and bolted to the semi circular front edge is a broad steel fascia. The fascia is laser cut from 5mm plate and hot dipped galvanised. It projects 300mm above the module to contain the earth covering.

The fixed glass panels and stacking doors were programmed for fitting on site.
The sill section of the stacking doors is reasonably chunky and has to be set down into the floor for the top edge to sit flush. Following discussions with the glazier, a recess was cast into the floor during production.

Some of the caulking of the joints between modules was undertaken on the day, the remainder was completed the following day.

Installation completed as scheduled

Project Completion

The following tasks were organised and completed by the client’s team.

  • Electrical supply
  • Water supply
  • Drainage from the sink
  • Installation of the plastic membrane
  • Back filling/earth covering.

Masterplan / Landscaping
The Envirodomes Design Team is now preparing a landscaping layout which will connect the new inclusion into the existing external entertainment area.



Client Testamonial

From Robin and Janet, Near Benalla, Victoria
We found Envirodomes accidentally in the Weekly Times after pondering for a couple of years over how to install a cellar/ garage/ fire refuge at our farm property. Paul Simpson quickly grasped what we were seeking and provided clear visuals of how the project would look in the selected location. We discovered that more features could be incorporated into the structure and fitted out on site prior to installation, this was quite a bonus.

Envirodomes provide a unique product and surprisingly to us the design phase was quite enjoyable. We were quickly sharing the design concept with family and friends. No flaws were found and we hoped that the end result would be as good as the product looked on paper. Construction and fabrication was in the period leading into Christmas 2015 and the Envirodomes team worked long hours to complete by what seemed a tight timetable.

Installation was in the heat of early January 2016. We were impressed with the high standard of workmanship in the woodwork, the teamwork on the day and planning involved to coordinate all aspects. Enjoying now the final product we are delighted. The structure is better than we ever hoped, fit-out and finish are impeccable.

And unlike Grand Designs the whole thing was totally stress free for us the client.