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Cundy Park - Myrtleford

Reference for Paul Simpson-Envirodomes

I write this reference in regards to our recent Cundy Park Toilet project in Myrtleford. I was very impressed how well organised things were on site last Wednesday-Friday that ultimately saw our new toilet block arrive and be carefully placed in position, and the old unit picked up and carted away in around 3 hrs total. Our vision for the project was to build a low maintenance toilet facility that was aesthetically pleasing and for an affordable price.


I initially came across the Envirodome concept in a promotional email received and recirculated in my organisation. I liked the design and prefabricated concept so I contacted Paul and discussed my project. I was pleasantly surprised how good the design was and how affordable and durable the prototype was. After an open and competitive tender process I was very pleased to award the project to Envirodomes. Their product was durable, affordable, and quick to install having minimal site impacts and disruption. The other added benefit is the minimal amount of time for administration and management at our end due to the rapid completion and limited site inspections needed.

Congratulations to Paul Simpson and Envirodomes on a great outcome, I look forward to working with them again on another project in the future. I would be happy to elaborate on any matters contained in this reference.

John Carter
Manager Project delivery
Alpine Shire