Stacey’s Bridge, Nariel – Towong shire Stacey’s Bridge, Nariel – Towong shire Stacey’s Bridge, Nariel – Towong shire

Stacey’s Bridge, Nariel – Towong shire

The installation of the module at Stacey’s Bridge was our first Collection Well Tank toilet. This system is utilized in remote areas where sewer is not available and septic tanks aren’t an option. Two 3000L holding tanks were buried under the module and the specialised ventilation system produces a negative pressure in the storage tanks, sucking air through the pans and minimising odours within the cubicles. A custom designed 1500L aluminium water tank was enclosed within the concrete module to feed the basins and allows full accreditation for the toilets to be disabled compliant.


The extent of site works was to bury 2 x 3000L collection well tanks, backfill around and prepare a level earth pad

Friday the 14th
8:30am: Position of tanks and module set out confirmed
9:30am: Module in position, truck and crane finished on site
9:45am: Rear  verandah installed and water tank fixed in to position.
10:30am: Cut-outs in the holding tanks were made for the Positive Ventilation Stacks
11:30am: Front verandah installed
12:45pm: 2 x 300mm diameter Positive Ventilation Stacks installed
1:30pm: Site tidy and module clean up internal and external
3:00pm:Module installation complete

As part of the installation agreement Towong Shire’s responsibilities included raising the level of soil and installing paving around the perimeter at floor level. The installation unfolded precisely as programmed, requiring only three EnviroDome employees. Typical of all EnviroDome toilet installations, the project manager and building inspector are required to make one visit on completion.