Winton Wetlands Winton Wetlands Winton Wetlands

Winton Wetlands, North Winton, Victoria

In November 2016, the Envirodome team installed toilet buildings at three separate locations within the wetlands.

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Cundy Park - Myrtleford Cundy Park - Myrtleford Cundy Park - Myrtleford

Private Cellar / Fire Refuge

Each project commences with a visit to site. This allows us to meet the clients, assess their requirements, assess the site and to determine the suitability of our products. Our clients were great, receptive and very enthusiastic. The site chosen was excellent, accessible and totally suitable for the purpose.

Armed with the information gleamed from the site visit, Envirodomes design team prepared a concept and photo quality images, which were inserted into photos of the site. The client’s approval sparked the team into preparing construction documentation and a comprehensive works program.

The project consists of five Envirodome modules, all butted up to each other. The overall length is 12.8m, 5 modules x 2,5m wide and two precast walls, each 150mm thick. All joinery items were manufactured by Envirodome and installed in our Albury yard.

The works program scheduled installation to take seven hours on Friday 08.01.2016. Excavation and site preparation was expertly managed by the client’s own team. These tasks occurred while the modules were being cast and fitted out.

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